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A slew of services such as PayPal process international payment and they charge a sizeable fee for every transaction. There are other means of peer-to-peer payments as well, but they aren't free of limitations and restrictions such as minimum transfer limit and locations. Virtual Gold is a cryptocurrency which has come to grant the freedom needed to transfer money between peers.

Virtual Gold enables the fast, secure and cheap transfer of fund across the universe. Presently, more businesses and users are beginning to prefer the use of cryptocurrencies owing to its underlying technology of blockchain which is based on Graphene technology. Blockchain which can be described as a virtual, public ledger which records every transaction in a transparent and secured manner enables the free and fast transfer of cryptocurrencies through a decentralized system.

All data about Virtual Gold are held in an interlinked network of computers which are owned and run by the users of Virtual Gold. Not only is Virtual Gold secure, it users are granted maximum freedom when it comes to the movement of their funds. And finally, users of Virtual Gold need not be afraid of liquidation because Virtual Gold is backed by precious metals: real gold.