Article 2


The igoldtrade company offers owners of Virtual Gold crypto assets the opportunity to secure loans without having to sell their cryptocurrency. The Virtual Gold can be used as collateral to secure a fiat loan. Applicants for the loanare subjected to the KYC procedure. The Virtual Gold crypto assets are transfer to the company's trust management by the owner using a smart loan agreement.

Users of Virtual Gold would gain a lot by using their crypto asset to secure a loan. Firstly, they can preserve their Virtual Gold. They don't need to sell their Virtual Gold if they need fiat money. Also, the ways of depositing or withdrawing are very easy and convenient. They can withdraw by a bank transfer or to any bank card. Members who have Virtual Gold will receive Igoldtrade partner banks credit cards coupled with VISA and MasterCard systems.

Despite that, users are allowed to estimate their risks and select their lending terms and conditions thus enabling them to get a loan under optimum terms and conditions. There is a possibility of refinancing obligations which give room for the loan terms to easily be prolonged. Finally, it is possible for users to close the loan at any point in time by selling or liquidating a part of the loan at the current market value of Virtual Gold.